How to Join

To join PICISOC, it is necessary to first register with the Internet society ISOC.

  • Click here to access the Join ISOC page.
  • Click on “Join” to enter the “AMS” membership system
  • Fill in the required minimum information
  • When asked, select the Pacific Islands Chapter (you can request membership in multiple chapters)
  • The Board will then receive notification and will normally approve.
  • We will also subscribe you to the PICISOC email list (see below)

Fees and renewal

Membership of PICISOC is currently free, although the Board will from time to time review the membership policy and consider special categories.

Membership is perpetual. However, if the email address that you use lapses or becomes invalid, you will effectively loseĀ  contact with PICISOC.

The PICISOC email list

PICISOC members interact with each other and the Board through three mechanisms

  • The PICISOC email list, which is hosted with the kind support of APNIC. It is recommended that members join the mailing list to get updates on board activities. The list uses the Mailman engine.
  • The annual PacIGF conference.
  • Member announcements by the Board. These are emailed from the ISOC AMS.

Please use a valid email address as this is the only way PICISOC will communicate with you. If your email account bounced more than a certain number of times within a set period, the Mailman will automatically unsubscribe you after issuing warnings.

By default, you will be subscribed on the Mailman with individual emails being sent to you. However, you may request that this is changed to daily digests, by sending us an email to the address below. You may also request unsubscription – although in that case you will only receive Member Announcements.

Please note that registration on the PICISOC website is in no way connected with the email list!

Contact in case of membership issues

Please contact the Board at if you have any problems.

Membership data

As of August 14th 2012, the ISOC AMS lists 765 approved members who have selected the Pacific Islands Chapter. The PICISOC email list currently has 560 members, the balance being accounted for by invalid email accounts and voluntary unsubscriptions.