IT-PacNet was created in 1994 to see what ICT developments were being made by FFA (Forum Fisheries Agency) and SOPAC , 2 regional organisations operating in the Pacific. This meant comparing notes, implementation and success stories. The meeting was informal and technical in nature. FFA IT manager at the time was Sam Taufao and SOPAC IT manager was Les Allinson.

It was agreed that more organisations should be brought in to the group the following year. Slowly it became apparent that the countries needed to be part of the process and IT-PacNet evolved into a meeting of IT Administrators and Managers from the Pacific region.

At around the same time, Sam Taufao (then working for FFA) came back from a meeting sponsored by UNESCO and recommended the creation of PICISOC – the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society. The Chapter was formed in 1999 during IT-PacNet in FFA, Solomon Islands.

IT-PacNet slowly evolved into a CROP (Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific) ICT Working Group (and concentrated more on dealing with CROP policies.

Meanwhile PICISOC grew and by 2002 a Board and Executive were in place. The general assemblies (annual meetings) became bigger and thus PacINET was born, and has since evolved to be the premier ICT conference for the Pacific region.

PacINET was able to re-group most of the original functions of IT-PacNet, an event where anyone can speak freely and share views on ICT/Internet for any organisation, government, the private sector, etc. or as an individual.

PICISOC’s focus is on ICT and Internet issues for the Pacific Islands region, and it works with various organisations and governments in ensuring the continuing development of ICT in the region.