In the interests of maintaining a constructive and informative dialogue, members are requested to observe the following:

  • Members will use the PICISOC primarily to discuss and exchange information relevant the Internet, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Internet Governance etc
  • Members will be respectful of other PICISOC members
  • Members will not post messages that are inflammatory, malicious, threatening and abusive. Members will not post messages that contain offensive language or make personal attacks.
  • Members who wish to respond to an individual seeking information are asked to respond off-list, not to the whole group. To do this, click ‘Forward’ (rather than ‘Reply’) and copy the sender’s email address into the ‘To’ box.
  • We encourage members to put information only in the body of the email and to provide links to other sites where the material may be found, or ask members to make further contact off-list