Sarai Tevita

Ms. Sarai Faleupolu Tevita (Samoa), Chair

Sarai Faleupolu Tevita, NUS ICT Director, from National University of
Samoa. Born in Samoa. Attended University of Southern Queensland, Toowomba,
Australia in pursing Master’s in information technology and Systems and graduated in 2019. Attended Massey University, NZ in pursing Bachelor of Business Information Systems
and Technology and graduated in 2002.

Professional goals: Oversee the infrastructure of technical operations of an organization especially in education sector, manage team of IT people,track technology in order to minimize security risks, increase user satisfaction, and achieve operations and business goals .
Personal goals: Stay proactive and open minded to new opportunities and
learn to accept limitations.

Work experience : About 20 years work experience in IT field in financial, agricultural and education sectors in Samoa.

Contribution to the Samoa IT Association : Selected as the first female President 2022/2023 under the SITA umbrella. Being an executive members since the SITA revived in 2019.

Contribution to the PICISOC : Enhance collaborative work with the communities and be responsible and accountable of any plans and actions to be implemented for the benefit of the Pacific Community. I understand that this forum considers transparency and accountability and good governance in its operation and I totally agreed with this practice. We can share a common goal and work together to take as the Pacific Way.  

Andrew Molivurae

Mr. Andrew Molivurae (Vanuatu), Vice Chair

Andrew Molivurae is Ni-Vanuatu working as Internet Governance & Child Online Protection Officer with the Telecommunications & Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR). Prior to that he was IT Billing Engineer for Digicel Vanuatu Ltd, IT Manager for Vanuatu SDA Mission, Internet Technician for Telecom Vanuatu Ltd and Systems Administrator for Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Apart from the full time jobs, he was also founding Chair of Vanuatu IT Users Society (VITUS) which is a legal ICT Charitable Association in Vanuatu and an ICANN ALS (with over 200 members) that was formed in 2005.  He has been a member of the Pacific Chapter of the ISOC since 2004, was a Board member from 2007 to 2011 and was Chair and Vice Chair of the PICISOC Board from 2009 to 2011. As Member of the Vanuatu National ICT Development Committee he has been an advocate for ICT development in Vanuatu for over 10 years. He has participated in many international ICT meetings that included, 5 ICANN meetings, 3 APrIGF meetings, 2 Pacific IGF meetings, 1 IETF meeting, 6 PICISOC events (PacINET) and some other International events. He has also been an ICANN Fellow at Singapore, Helsinki and Panama last June.  His current role at TRR mainly deals with Internet Governance issues and one key achievement so far is the finalization of the Regulation for the Management and Administration of the .vu ccTLD. He is also engaged in Cyber Security awareness around Vanuatu under the TRR Consumer Protection Regulation Andrew is keen to serve on the PICISOC board again and one key aspect that he would like to see is that the Pacific IGF becomes a key ICT annual event for the Pacific Islands region similar to the previous PaciNET events.

Crystal Kewe
Crystal Kewe

Mr. Crystal Kewe (PNG), Vice Chair

Crystal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crysan (Krai-sen) Technology Ltd, a Port Moresby-based Software Company she started with her father at 15. Crystal is also the entrepreneur behind “Biluminous” (Bee-loom-in-ous), a regional platform for artisans of traditional handicrafts in the Asia-Pacific that won two (2) APEC Awards in 2018.

Crystal is a Software Engineer by Profession. In recognition of her as an industry expert, Crystal was invited during the 2018 APEC PNG to present at numerous dialogues on bridging the digital divide and digital inclusivity, the role of tech in the tourism industry for women, and insights into PNG’s developing culture of innovation.

Crystal has worked with international organizations like Google, the Asia Foundation, Westpac and MasterCard on various regional initiatives in the areas of financial inclusion, digital literacy and inclusivity, and socio-economic development.

Crystal is a staunch supporter and advocate of STEM, where she visits provinces in PNG and also travels abroad to promote STEM for girls, young women and men as well. Outside of her company, Crystal is passionate about building the next generation of software engineering professionals. As such, Crystal has delivered guest lectureships at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), and currently serves as an Academic Advisory Board Member at the International Training Institute (ITI).

Mele Manitisa
Mele Manitisa

Ms. Mele Manitisa (Tonga), Secretary

Mele Manitisa started her ICT career in 2015 as a Computer Programmer/IT Administrator at the Office of the Public Service Commission in Tonga for 4 years before she continued to pursue postgraduate studies in 2019.

She is one of the founding members of the Tonga Women in ICT in 2018, which is a Non-Government Organization that focus on empowering young people, especially women to pursue a career in ICT/STEM field. Mele also worked closely with Tonga’s National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT Tonga) since its establishment in supporting their training and awareness programs.

Mele returned to Tonga after completing her Master of Analytics (Data) Degree and started working at the Tonga Statistics Department in February 2022. She is responsible for establishing international statistical standards and methodologies for the Department, as well as the capacity building and statistical policies for the Tonga National Statistical System.

Mele’s biggest aspiration is to see how technology can enhance data quality, and promotes data-driven changes.
• Master of Analytics (Data)
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
• Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences and Information Technology
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
• Bachelors of Computing System
Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Kenneth Katafono

Mr. Kenneth Katafono (Fiji), Treasurer

Kenneth Katafono was elected to the board in 2021 and is a Fijian ICT professional, consultant, and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the design, development, and implementation of digital technologies in the Pacific.

In 2017, together with his wife Shauna, he founded Traseable Solutions – a Fijian data company and consulting firm that specialises in digitalisation and traceability solutions. Traseable works in the Pacific agriculture, fisheries, forestry and health sectors. In addition to Traseable, Ken is an international consultant and has worked on projects for the ADB, FAO, GIZ, and UNESCAP.

Savenaca Siwatibau
Savenaca Siwatibau

Mr. Savenaca Siwatibau (Fiji), Assistant Treasurer

Savenaca Siwatibau is a Fijian Police Officer who is specialised in cybersecurity and digital forensics. He is an avid digital safety advocate and a community worker.

He is currently seconded to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, where he focuses on Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation from a law enforcement perspective, and supports the security and safeguarding of National Critical Infrastructure.

Ms. Flare Namaliu (PNG)

Flare Namaliu was elected to the board in 2021 and is an ICT professional from PNG.