New M-PAiSA QR Electronic Payment

Vodafone Fiji has introduced an innovative electronic transaction method using the M-PAiSA App that accelerates the move to a cashless society and keeps Fiji abreast with global technological advancements. The first of its kind, the M-PAiSA QR Pay was launched at the company’s headquarters in Princes Road, Tamavua, yesterday, much to the applause of merchant representatives and guests who were present. Chief Marketing Officer Rajinesh Prasad said the product was developed in-house and is available to everyone from the large businesses to smaller merchants and even market vendors where they can transact using QR Pay.

“[QR Pay is] very secure, the first level of security is on the phone, there’s a password in the phone, if someone hacks into the phone and is able to access the phone, you will still have an M-paisa pin, which is not stored in the phone but is stored online, stored in our system,” Mr Prasad said. “In that way, you will still be able to secure your phone and plus every time you transact, it’s secured through a pin, similar to banks. “This product has been developed in-house but there are some hardware and software that was actually acquired to get the product done.”

New M-PAiSA QR Electronic Payment Mr Prasad said the use of the QR Pay by consumers and merchants does not incur them any costs but there would be a fee applied to all businesses in the future. “This is a value add service for Vodafone and we have a good arrangement with merchants, so for customers, the transaction fees will be zero, later on, we will work with merchants on commercial arrangements. “At the moment it is also free for the merchants but over a period of time we will work on a commercial arrangement, but there will always be no cost for customers.

Mr Prasad said 200 outlets have already accepted the new transaction method as part of Phase I of the new payment with plans to get more supermarkets and small-medium enterprises and individual vendors in the next few months. “We have got a big roadshow planned from the Vodafone side. We will be going around the country to ensure [Vodafone is] able to highlight this to everyone, what QR Pay is because as I said 80 per cent of the population already has a smartphone and we just need to ensure that we help them download this app.” Head of E-Commerce Shailendra Prasad said QR Pay could be used in areas where there was also no electricity supply.

“There are still places that have no power, so where there is an EFTPOS, the cashier will do everything and create a QR code on their EFTPOS and with the phone, you just scan it there, you don’t even have to enter the amount, you just enter your pin.” The company invested in a $207 million network upgrade and are extending their 4G and 4G+ network coverage to almost 80 per cent of the population to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of the new payment method. This new payment system will also be rolled out to other Pacific Island countries where Vodafone M-Paisa is also available.


The App comes with a new “Scan to Pay” QR Code payment feature. Consumers will automatically access the QR payment by downloading the M-PAiSA App. Once activated, consumers can select QR payment to activate the camera on their mobile device to scan a QR code placed at cashier counters in shops to make the payment. Every merchant enabled for M-PAiSA QR will have their own unique M-PAiSA QR code placed on their counters for customers. No fees and data costs are incurred when using QR pay.

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