Healthy competition within the ICT sector

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The reduction of charges for the FINTEL cable from $40,000 to $640 has enabled healthy competition within the ICT sector.

Information and communications technology in the Pacific is delivering better connectivity as data rates show a significant drop over the years.

World Bank Digital Development Specialist Shivnesh Prasad says that lower costs are increasing the number of internet users.

“The reduction in data rates is a welcomed sign for the industry. As services become more affordable the uptake of services increases and this works well for the sector. The cheaper, the more affordable the services are the more people are coming online”

Fiji was one of the countries in the region to adopt the use of the Southern Cross cable which has contributed to a dynamic ICT sector.

We’re one of those countries in the region that were one of the first to have that and you can see that that has translated to be a very dynamic ICT sector, very competitive ICT sector where cost of calls and data rates are very competitive.”

Prasad adds the Government is taking a lead role in the ICT revolution by providing its services online.

Source: FBC News

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