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Just had to share this shot of the APRALO Leadership team (Siranush Vardanyan, Satish Babu, Kaili Kan, and Ali AlMeshal, and myself) along with PICISOC members, Ellen Strickland, Emani Lui, and Stan Osao at the APRICOT meeting in Auckland last month. Lianna Galystan from Armenia also stayed with us after the APTLD meeting.  Kaili (from China) and I are also on the ALAC. The APRALO team submitted the following report to ICANN.  Missing from the shot were Andrew Molivurae and Save Vocea who also attended the APTLD meeting, and Raj Singh and other PICISOC members we got to meet during the week.

Second from the left at the back row, is Jia-Rong Low who is ICANN’s newest VP and General Manager of their Asia-Pacific office in Singapore. He is Save’s colleague within the Stakeholder Engagement section of ICANN.  After APRICOT, Jia Rong attended the G77 meeting in Bangkok where the focus was ICTs and SDGs – of relevance also to the Pacific. He filed this report.



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