Each year the Board holds elections for half of its membership. This year, three positions on the Board are due for re-election. The Board members whose term are coming to an end are: Maureen Hilyard, Andrew Molivurae and David Leeming

Nominations are currently being requested and will close on 16 August 2013. Elections will then begin as the PICISOC constitution sets out that the new Board must be in place before the AGM which is held at PacINET in September in Tonga.

1. The process for nomination of candidates for this year’s election is as follows:

a) Nominations must be sent to the Election Committee, Chaired by Ellen Strickland Board Vice-chair, at info@picisoc.org

b) Nominations must be received by UTC600 August 16 2012

c) Nominations must include a bio (about 100 words) and a photograph of the nominee

Click here for candidates nominated for the 2013 Board elections

2. The process for the election of the Board members will be as follows:

a) The election will open after nominations close

b) Information on the ballot process will be sent to PICISOC members eligible to vote

c) The Election Committee will announce the successful candidates directly after the election

e) A Board meeting will be called to elect officers before the AGM to be held at the PacINET in Tonga.

If you have any questions regarding the Board or the election process contact info@picisoc.org