Empowering girls in ICT

(Extracted from Vanuatu Daily Post)

Women and girls were encouraged to be bold and innovative when utilizing an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tool.

The call was made by several speakers when Vanuatu joined the United Nations agency on ICT, and girls and women around the world to drive global attention to the need for their full and equal access to ICT education. The International Women and Girls ICT Day was commemorated on Thursday in Port Vila.

In her keynote address, the Telecom Regulator, Miss Dalsie Baniala urged women and girls to look beyond when using the social media.

“There are women in other parts of the world who are not able to effectively engage with ICT tools for personal and professional activities,” she said.

“You could use the social media to promote your products, such as mats, island baskets. You could use that opportunity to market your products.”

The Telecom Regulator advised the young girls to be innovative instead of spending time on Facebook. She encouraged them to not only be users of technology but creators.

Doreen Leona, Chairlady of Vanuatu Women and Girls in ICT joined Baniala’s call to women and girls to be empowered through ICT.

She reminded women and girls that since gender equality is an issue in Vanuatu, opportunities and or events such as the Women and Girls in ICT Day offers girls a chance to use, and more importantly experience ICT in a fun, accessible and educational way.

The event has encouraged more of girls and women to pursue studies and careers in ICT.

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