The Samoa Information Technology Association (SITA) has reached out to Savaii Schools.


Amoa College is the first School in Savaii that has been registered to use SITAs ELearning platform on the 14th May 2020. The Association was doing virtual meetings and trainings with some of the schools prior to visiting Savaii to provide further workshops for Teachers and year 13 students. Amoa College session was joined in by Mataevave College and the EFKS Vocational and Technical College. With the benefits of Technology we were able to have Leififi College and Avele College joining the same training from Apia.

Since we already have the technology available in Savaii, SITA believes we can utilize this by assisting the teachers and our children to continue quality education despite their locations. We have to acknowledge the main Telecommunications Companies role in supporting this program especially VodaFone who is providing free data for Teachers and students, internet routers for our technical support Team and most importantly is enabling our online trainings url or address as zero data access. A student don’t need data to access the SITAs ELearning classrooms as long as the phone is on. Digicel has also shown interest in this project and will join us at a later stage because at the end of the day we want to reach out to everyone who uses our platform.

Today the 15th May 2020, The Minister of Communication, Information Technology afioga Afamasaga Rico Tupai presented the keynote address for the second School Itu o Tane College in Savaii who is now register to use our platform. His Honorable points out the importance of the Governments vision to utilized technology and get ready for Digital transformation. We now have an equal playing field for all schools in Upolu and Savaii. Therefore, it is very unlikely for students to miss a class as they now able to access quality education and Technology makes things easier for Teachers and students. It is very important for students to use the opportunity wisely and spend more time in learning than social media. He concludes in thanking the principals of schools who joined in Savaii for making use of the opportunity and the President of SITA, Executive and members for developing this ELearning platform.

We now sees the importance of adapting to Digital transformation as Universities uses these online platforms and it is a good opportunity for year 13 students to educate and prepare now because it will be very beneficial for them in the future if they move to the other level in education at NUS or USP. Our Teachers will add another important skills and dimension to their teaching capabilities.

Our SITA Team is working during our free time and late hours to provide support for free and the platform is available to schools without any costs to them. SITA absorbs all the costs in regards to security and cloud hosting for this Community Project and it is why the association was established not only to develop our ICT profession but to give back to our people.

Vaiala Beach School in Upolu is the first primary school who now comes on Board and their senior classes will start soon.

To date we now have 7 schools registered and we have to thank all the Principals of the schools who now come on board to our ELearning platform for their vision and commitment to continue quality educations for their students.

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