PICISOC Board Elections 2020

Nominations are now invited for candidates to join the PICSOC Board.

Here is the schedule. 

 Monday, 31 August 2020Nomination period opens
 Friday 11 September 2020Nomination period closes
Monday 14 September 2020Announcement of Candidates
 Monday 21 September 2020Opening date of voting period
 Friday 25 September 2020Closing date of voting period
 Monday 28 September 2020Announcement of Final Result

Nominations will close on Friday 11 September.

All successful candidates for the election will be announced on Monday 14 September.


Nominations for candidates for a position on the PICISOC Board are open to all PICISOC members and also for anyone who is not yet a member but currently active in PICISOC events and activities.

 It is desirable that candidates possess the following qualifications.

1.    Must work and reside in the Pacific region

2.    Represent or already be associated with a PICISOC-related or ISOC-related stakeholder group

3.    Have been an active volunteer in PICISOC activities and the Internet Governance space

4.    Have demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to Internet Society goals

5.    Returning Board members are eligible for re-election. There are no restrictions on the number of terms a Board member may be selected by the election process.


 Nominations must be directed to the Chair of the Elections Committee (Maureen Hilyard – hilyard@oyster.net.ck)

·         Self-nominations will be accepted with a brief Bio/Expression of interest of the self-nominee 

·         Other nominations must be accompanied by a letter/email from the nominee accepting the nomination and must also include a brief bio/EOI from the nominee

·         All nominations must include acceptance that the nominees’ names, EOIs and photos will be published on the PICISOC website for members to view before voting. This information may remain online for an undetermined time, unless it is requested to be removed.

·         No seconding is necessary.

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