ANEZ Coding for Kids – Open Day

Design Thinking Approach

Another milestone and huge success as ANEZ hosted its open day showcasing its first ANEZ Hackathon for Kids Event.

Led by Elma Polum and Emily Kula Lee, the endeavour equips kids in lifelong skills in this digital age.

The programme promotes early childhood learning and adjusting to the present COVID19 situation for ANEZ parents, also fundraising for the creative labs.

ANEZ is a childcare centre that provides an additional educational service for earlylearners, weekend coding classes at the ANEZ creative labs and after school classes for interested primary and high school students in Port Moresby.

Key guest was Crystal Kewe, a Technology Entrepreneur and Software Engineer who inspired the kids, preparing them for the Scrath Hackathon Challenge.

Crystal shared her experiences representing Papua New Guinea as 2018 APEC App Challennge First Prize Winner and 2018 APEC Digital(Google) Prosperity Awardee.

She encouraged the kids to have fun and enjoy the excitement of hacking a program which is part of the creative learning to sharpen DESIGN THINKING.

Crystal shared her story of learnign how to code at age 11 (self taught) and plans to pursue her software engineering scholarship in New Zealand in 2021.

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