ANEZ Coding for Kids – Show & Tell

Report by Winifred Kula

Design Thinking
Todays event was a huge success with the completion of Introduction to Scratch.

3 teams were formed and each team presented a scratch “story board” and “game” to their parents.

It was a really proud moment to see the kids creativity and imagination come to life within their scratch projects. And the level of effort they put into building their games using scratch. Congratulations to Emily Kula-Lea and team for the committment as their tutors and instructor.

The team that took the prize, actually drew their own characters (sprite) and narated their story around protecting our marine life.

My favorite game was the “banana catch”. It was just too funny.

Now the next step for the Kids is to move into the next level. Which is the Hackathon.

For those interested in attending the Hackathon Show & Tell, save the date; July 11 @ Gateway. The kids will be presenting to parents and invited guests.

During the Hackathon Show & Tell, we will also showcase an Introduction to Sphero a STEM program for Kids.

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