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PICISOC @ Intercommunity2015

One of the innovations for NetHui2015, was the involvement of the Internet Society Board and its engagement with ISOC Chapters around the world in a major internet event called Intercommunity2015.

More than 100 countries were involved and thousands of chapter members who joined in conversations with each other and with their Board members, to celebrate the internet.  Jackson Miake, Chair of PICISOC, also participated in one of the panel discussions. He joined Rajnesh Singh, Director of the ISOC Bureau Singapore, and Board members Walid Al-Saqaf from Yemen and Narelle Clark from Australia, to raise issues of concern to the Pacific.

Rajnesh Singh & Jackson Miake @Intercommunity1 Raj & Jackson @ Intercommunity (2)

Raj & Jackson @ Intercommunity (2)


The President and CEO of the Internet Society was the keynote speaker of the opening of NetHui, the next day.

Kathy Browne @ Opening of NetHui
Kathy Browne @ Opening of NetHui

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