PICISOC e-talanoa for the month of November

Join us for our next e-talanoa: e-Learning and the Pacific
In this Talanoa, we will take a broad view of e-Learning such that any use of ICTs or Digital Technologies in teaching and learning and administration of the Education System will be included. This is sometimes called ICT for Better Education (ICT4BE).

The format will be a one hour Zoom Meeting with four guest speakers speaking for 10 minutes each, followed by a Q&A session. Its main focus will be on the Pacific Islands, but also draw on good practice from Pacific neighbours and other developing regions.

We hope the Talaona will help to:-

• Refocus initiatives to have a stronger focus on student learning outcomes and supporting teachers
• Share experiences between MoEs and ICT staff to see what works and what doesn’t in the Pacific context
• Manage the expectations of what can be accomplished in the short, medium and long term (5 years+)
• To help demo the upfront / recurrent costs involved to allow for MoEs to make realistic budget decisions

Click this link to register:

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