PICISOC celebrates ISOC’s 20th Birthday

Engaging with early PICISOC pioneers by skype at the start of the birthday event for the Internet Society on the island of Fiji, as a forerunner to the PacINET which was to take place in Suva, set the scene for describing similarities between those who established ISOC 20 years ago and those who established PICISOC not long after.

Franck Martin (in San Franciso, United States) and Sam Taufao (in Pohnpei, the Federated States of Micronesia) were part of a team of people originally based in Fiji around about 1994, who initiated the first moves towards establishing a connection with the Internet Society to gain the support and advice that they might need to assist with  internet development in the Pacific.

Along with Les Allinson and Rajnesh Singh, they were to establish what has now grown into the largest support organisation for internet users in the Pacific. As one of the Internet Society’s more than 80 Chapters, PICISOC is unique in its composition of 700 members representing 22 countries in the region.

As a function to herald in the start of this year’s PacINET, Board Chair, Maureen Hilyard, encouraged new Board members and overseas participants to mix and mingle with sponsors and presenters from other countries.

The dual celebration of ISOC’s 20th birthday and PacINET’s 10th year of gatherings in different countries in the region provided a good reason for members and guests to enjoy each others’ company and to anticipate the presentations planned for this years PacINET event being held in Suva, Fiji at the Japan Pacific ICT Centre at USP.

any thanks to the Internet Society and the Asia Pacific ISOC Bureau General Manager, Rajnesh Singh, for their funding support to make it happen.

Happy Birthday ISOC.


ISOC’s 20th Birthday Cake, Suva, Fiji

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