Pacific Women in ICT – Telecommunication Regulator Dalsie Baniala

Dalsie Green Baniala

Ms. Dalsie Green Baniala is currently employed by the Government of Palau as Palau’s Telecommunications Regulatory Advisor working very closely with the assigned team in the Pristine Paradise, Republic of Palau.  Ms. Baniala’s key function is to establish the Regulatory Bureau for Palau Government and its citizens. Working very closely with the assigned team and especially the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industry and Commerce (MPIIC), Ms. Baniala is aiming for the Regulatory Bureau for Palau to be up and operational by October, 2019.

Ms. Baniala is also engaged by the Vanuatu Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) to provide advisory functions to the Vanuatu Regulator and his staff, on specific regulatory matters when and where required.

Whilst providing the Regulatory Advisory functions to both the Government of Palau through MPIIC and the TRBR, she also serves as one of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum-Multi-Advisory Group (MAG) member representing the Pacific Islands at the MAG discussions.

Ms. Baniala also serves as one of the board members for the newly established organization “Vanuatu National Internet Governance Forum” – VANIGF secretariat.   Additionally, she has provided a lot of support towards development of Women and Girls in ICT in Vanuatu, and other ICT/Internet Governance programs through Youth Development. 

At the end of 2015 till 2018, Ms. Baniala took up the position of Independent TRB Regulator (the first Female and Ni-Vanuatu Regulator), at the same time serving as the CEO for the Institution. During her time serving as the Regulator, she also provided assistance and support on promoting Internet Governance at the national level. 

Some key achievements during her time was the hosting of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum(APrIGF) which for the first time was hosted in the South Pacific Region in Port Vila, Vanuatu, in July, 2018.  She has invested a lot of time promoting Vanuatu regulatory activities contributed massively to bring the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) –Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR19) which again for the first time was hosted in the Pacific by the Vanuatu Government in mid-year of 2019; 400 plus regulators, policy makers and other interested stakeholders across the globe attended. 

Through an established organization (Pacific Inspiro Limited), Ms Baniala is currently leading a community initiative “ICT to celebrate, promote and preserve cultural and traditional values of Maewo Island”.

Dalsie has over 10 years of executive regulatory experiences, regulating a Telecommunications and Broadcasting competition market in a small size population of 280,000 people who are enjoying the benefit of ICT and broadcasting across the archipelago. 

She has a wide range of experience and understanding on executive activities and specific regulatory functions such as spectrum management, internet Governance, interconnection, Universal Access policy projects, numbering management, general quality of services, required standards of ICT products, consumer protection, universal access and services and  more other digital activities happening within the region.

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