PICISOC Board attends Bali 2013 IGF

Four members of the PICISOC Board attended the Global IGF held on 22-25  October 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

Picisoc Board at Bali-IGF

We are all very grateful to the following sponsors who enabled our attendance at this year’s IGF:  ISOC (Jackson Miake) Pacific Internet Partners (Maureen Hilyard and Patrick Queet) and InternetNZ (Ellen Strickland).

Everyone was involved in the programme in some way during the week.  I co-moderated a session on “The Broadband Dilemma for Small Islands Developing States (SIDS)” with ISOC Trinidad and Tobago, and later in the day acted as remote moderator for an ICANN session on the Linguistic Diversity of Domain Names.  I also assisted at the ICANN booth where we were attempting to get more global IT organisations to join as an ALS before January in order to qualify for an invitation to the London Summit in 2014. Another session I attended was the launch of the 2013 Global Information Society Watch publication in which there is an article I co-authored involving Human Rights, Gender and ICT in the Cook Islands.

SIDS BB Roundtable2sm

As well as attending sessions on multistakeholder principles, capacity building and ICANN’s focus areas in the Asia Pacific region, I also supported the sessions of  my Board colleagues where I could. Ellen moderated sessions that discussed the future of national and regional IGFs. As an ISOC Fellow, Jackson participated in the ISOC Workshop and was invited to participate in ICT4D sessions giving his much valued government perspective. Patrick focused on the diverse topics within the security track as well as other sessions in which his colleagues were taking part in.



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