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Pacific IGF (17-18 May) Update held at PITA conference

During the week of 3-7 April, 2017, the Pacific Islands Telecommunication Association held their 21st anniversary AGM on Rarotonga, Cook Islands. This milestone event which attracted more than 200 overseas attendees, was opened by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of the Cook Islands opening the PITA conference on Rarotonga
The Prime Minister of the Cook Islands opening the PITA conference on Rarotonga

The conference theme was “Unlocking Smarter Communities in the Pacific” and addressed critical issues and challenges in the Pacific and identified ways public and private partnerships could be coordinated in order to improve the lives of the people in the region. The event was hosted by Blue Sky Cook Islands  and speakers included ITU, Kacific, O3B, ABS and ICANN.

One of the plenary sessions at the PITA Conference held on Rarotonga
One of the plenary sessions at the PITA Conference held on Rarotonga

The refreshment breaks offered time for participants to gather together to discuss other common issues, and members of the Pacific IGF planning committee took advantage of the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss this upcoming event.

Pua and Dalsie at the opening ceremony of the PITA conference held on Rarotonga.
Pua and Dalsie at the opening ceremony of the PITA conference held on Rarotonga.

Notes on meeting to discuss arrangements for Pacific IGF

Present were

  1. Pua Hunter                  Cook Islands
  2. Gerard Metsan            CIO Vanuatu
  3. Dalsie Baniala             TRR Vanuatu
  4. Save Vocea                   ICANN
  5. Elly Tawhai                 APNIC
  6. Kisione Finau             USP
  7. Marc Lipton               PIRRC
  8. Donnie Defreitas      PIRRC

1. Agenda

The meeting agreed to discuss the following issues:

  • Organization of National Emergency Telecommunications Plans (NETP) workshop
  • Organization of Pacific IGF
  • ICT Day

2. Organization of National Emergency Telecommunications Plans (NETP) workshop

The meeting agreed that the Regulator in Vanuatu would be the contact person for organization of the NETP Work shop.

The Workshop would be held over two and a half days 15th – 17th May in Port Vila, Vanuatu. TRR will be responsible for local logistics while PIRRC will be responsible for developing the agenda and organizing for the attendance of delegates from the other participating countries.

TRR will provide template agreement for financial management to allow for TRR transfer of funds.

3. Organization of Pacific IGF

It was agreed that the Vanuatu Regulator TRR, would be the cohost with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and would coordinate the local logistics. PIRRC would responsible for the Agenda and speakers.

The Forum would be held on May 17th and 18th, in Port Vila Vanuatu at the Place National Convention Centre.

The operating principle would be that this Pacific IGF for 2017 would be the responsibility of the TRR but would be open to any individual or organization that wished to attend.

  1. Communication- A promotional banner for the Pacific IGF 2017 will be placed on the web sites of OGCIO, TRR and PIRRC. Information on the IGF would also be replicated on the three sites.
  2. Costing – The organizers in Vanuatu will provide costing of hosting the event, not including payments to speakers or funding or persons to attend the event. They will also information of what would be offered by the host in respect of: venue, meals/snacks, WiFi,
  • Funding- All funding for the Forum will be channeled through and accounted for by the TRR. Sponsorship will be sought through agreement between the co-host and PIRRC.
  1. Registration – registration would be on line and open to anyone and will close one week before the event on May 7th.
  2. Fellowships – there is commitment to provide any fellowships for the Forum but discussions will be held with APNIC and ICANN for the possibility of ensuring representation from the wider Pacific countries.
  3. Participation- Participation will be open to anyone and arrangements will be made for remote participation.
  • Follow up action-
  • TRR (Dalsie) to provide template for MOU/Agreement to be used for Financial management of funds
  • Donnie to provide information to be placed on websites
  • Elly to provide information on criteria normally used for fellowships
  • Elly to determine if fellowships are available and the extent of funding available
  • Donnie to provide draft letter of invitation to various selected organizations, to be sent by TRR/OGCIO

4. ICT Day Vanuatu

Vanuatu has planned 4 events for ICT week 2017

  • Pacific ICT Days 2017 (17th & 18th May)
  • Pacific NETP Workshop (15, 16, 17 & 18th May)
  • ISOC Privacy Workshop (18th May)
  • Pacific IGF 2017 (17th & 18th May);




1. Pacific IGF Concept Note

2. Feb 16 Meeting Minutes

3. Feb 23 Meeting Minutes – Pacific IGF 2017

4. March 17 Draft Meeting Minutes

5. Pacific IGF Contacts List 2017



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