Board Report to the AGM at PacINET Rarotonga

Board report to the Annual General Meeting of  The Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society

25 September 2014


On behalf of the Board of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society, I would like to present the following report on our activities during the year 2013-2014.

The report consists of the following sections:

  • Board members
  • Membership – with country breakdown
  • Regional /International Events the Board has attended
  • General Report



The Board for the 2013-2014 year and their assigned responsibilities were:

  • Maureen Hilyard: Board Chair, ISOC ,ICANN and Regional Relationships
  • Ellen Strickland: Vice Chair Policy, ByLaws
  • Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui: Vice Chair Technical, Website Developments
  • Patrick Queet: Board Treasurer
  • Jackson Miake: Board Secretary
  • Louise Nasak
  • Etuate Cocker: Research activities

I would like to thank the Board for sharing the responsibilities of the Board during what has been a very busy year. I would like to thank my colleagues, Emani, Etuate and Louise for their contribution during their term on the Board and I hope they will continue to support PICISOC in the future. At the time of writing this report, the successful candidates for the 2014 election have been announced.  The newly elected Board members are: Ellen Strickland (NZ Winnie Kula Amini, Priscilla Kevin (both of PNG) and Edwin Liava’a (Fiji)



We continue to attract new members and I am very appreciative of those who register from outside of the region and the support that they give to our email list.  I am often amazed at the wealth of expertise we have within our membership and I know many of our members are grateful for the information that is offered from others on the list – whether it is related to technical, policy or even just general news about IT and internet related matters.  This is what PICISOC is all about.  It is the sharing of knowledge with each other to build capacity across the region.

COUNTRY BREAK DOWN – 2012 figures compared with 2013  2012/2013  754/661
18/08/2013  2012/13/14
American Samoa 12/12/11 Micronesia 9/3/7 Samoa 28/27/29
*Australia 40/42/42 *New Zealand 40/40/48 Solomon Is 43/31/34
Christmas Is 1/1/1 Niue 10/9/9 Tokelau 1/1/1
Cook Islands 15/14/14 Northern Mariana Islands 2/1/0 Tonga 10/10/13
Fiji 220/191/218 Palau 2/2/2 Tuvalu 15/9/8
French Polynesia 3/3/3 Nauru 8/8/9 Vanuatu 42/33/37
Kiribati 33/19/20 New Caledonia 22/15/15 *United Kingdom/ Europe 24/19/35
Marshall Is 4/4/6 PNG 72/65/80 *United States 46/40/35


Event Where When Who
ISOC training ISOC Leadership  workshop, Kuala Lumpur

ISOC Leaders Workshop, London

April 2014

June  2014

Patrick Queet

Maureen Hilyard

ICANN Buenos Aires





Nov 2013


March 2014


June 2014

Maureen Hilyard, Ellen Strickland

Etuate Cocker, Ellen Strickland, Maureen Hilyard, Louise Nasak

Maureen Hilyard, Ellen Strickland

Global IGF Bali, Indonesia


Istanbul, Turkey



Sept 2014

Maureen Hilyard, Ellen Strickland, Jackson Miake, Patrick Queet

Ellen Strickland, Maureen Hilyard (remotely)

Regional meetings NetHui, NZ July 2014 Ellen Strickland
Diplo Foundation Diplomacy Capacity Building for the Pacific, Geneva, Switzerland June 2014 Jackson Miake, Maureen Hilyard



 During  2014 the Board were involved in:

  1. Deciding on the for PacINET 2014 – Rarotonga, Cook Islands and for PacINET to be included in a larger INET in Brisbane 2015
  2. Deciding to collaborate with other regional organisations within OCEANIA to create a major INET to be held in Brisbane in 2015.
  3. Continuing our engagement with international organisations (ICANN and ISOC)
  4. Dealing with issues related to our Westpac account in Fiji


Our achievements included:

4a. PacINET

 2014 – Rarotonga, Cook Islands – to be coordinated by the Cook Islands Internet Action Group. Because of the issues relating to access to PICISOC funds in our Fiji Westpac account, the Board moved a minute to allow funds being applied for to fund expenses for the event in the Cook Islands to be managed by CIIAG.

2015 – A bid has been proposed to join with ISOC-AU, the Australian IGF and possibly some other regional organisations, in Brisbane

4b. Relationship Building

Regionally, the PICISOC Board has made use of what few opportunities are provided to expand on our relationships with our members and with other organisations in the region.

The email list – whenever possible new members have been personally welcomed to the email list. It was through this introductory process that I made initial contact with two our new Board members. Their involvements in PNG and their interest in the development of the internet in their home country was inspirational and I am very pleased that they are now part of our Board and will be able to contribute to development in their own countries and in the Pacific in general.

PICISOC website – Website content has not been as organised this year, but new news items have been added whenever appropriate to keep our web viewers news as it happens.

ICANN Oceania – Ellen and Etuate attended the meeting in Fiji where the group has developed a strategy for development in the Pacific in consultation with Oceania stakeholders.

4c. Continuing engagement with regional organisations (ICANN and ISOC)

As indicated in the table above, the Board Chair and other members of the Board have participated actively in regional and international events.



Maureen Hilyard

BOARD CHAIR  (2012-2014)

Pacific Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC)


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