Pacific Hackathon Sponsors & Partners

Pacific Techies are very fortunate to have great Sponsors and Partnerships gearing up for the first ever Pacific Hackathon which is organised by the PICISOC and funded by the UNDP Public Finance Management Program. For more information, visit the Pacific Hackathon Site: #EU #PICISOC #UNDP #PIANGO #ISOC #PACIFICCYBERWARRIORS #PACIFICHACKATHON

.WS wins the APTLD-ISOC Grant

30 August 2021 Following the Call for Applications for APTLD-ISOC Grants for the Pilot APTLD DNS Server Sharing Project, APTLD and the Asia Pacific Bureau of Internet Society are pleased to announce the awarding of a grant to the Computer Services Limited (CSL), administrator of the .WS ccTLD.The USD3,000 grant is envisaged to enable  the .WS team to…