Dr. Etuate Cocker – Chair (Technical)

For Board nomination pageDr. ‘Etuate Cocker is originally from Tonga and was awarded the first PhD in Computer Science for the Kingdom of Tonga. While doing extensive research in the Pacific, he was awarded two grants (ISIF and Internet NZ grants) and have attended a number of International and regional conferences. The results from his doctoral research have contributed to the development of Internet connectivity in the Pacific region. He has contributed to policy discussions in a number of ICANN meetings and he is passionate about improving connectivity for remote islands in the Pacific. His professional experience includes positions as an Instructor in many Cisco academies, Application Developer, Network Engineer, Technical Specialist, Researcher, and now a Team Leader for a team of Network Engineers at the largest Internet Service Provider in New Zealand – Spark NZ Ltd.

Mr. Kasek Galgal – Chair (Policy)

Kasek Galgal is a Papua New Guinean Internet enthusiast and ICT for development advocate. He is currently a pursuing a Master in Contemporary Diplomacy, specialising in Internet Governance with the University of Malta. Prior to assuming full time studies, Galgal was an academic at the University of Papua New Guinea where he promoted initiatives to help enhance understanding of the Internet ecosystem in the PNG community.

After gaining an Interest in the Pacific Islands whilst a student at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), he joined PICISOC in 2013. Within the Internet Governance space, Kasek has participated as an APNIC fellow, ICANN fellow and as an ISOC Ambassador to the 2015 IGF.

Kasek has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from UPNG and certificates in Cybersecurity and Economic Diplomacy with the Diplofoundation. He splits his spare time between enjoying independant copyleft music from the Internet and supporting PNG football.

Mr. John Chand – Vice Chair

John Chand has more than 12 years of Telecommunication experience in Broadband and Wi-Fi network and ISP network design, operation and maintenance, having worked for one of the largest facilities-based providers of fixed line communication and networking services in Fiji – Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL).

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji in addition to various industry standard ICT certifications including CISCO Certifications. He has been a regular speaker at a number of PacNOG events in the Pacific region and more recently at the Pacific IGF 2017. He has had a leading role in working on setting up an IXP in Fiji with local internet service providers and the Fijian Government.

John is a regular contributor to APNIC training activities and shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer.

Apart from these work commitments, John has attended various international ICT meetings namely the IETF, APRICOT and ICANN meetings as a Fellow. Meetings in which he has shared his local and regional experiences and providing input to technical discussions.

Mr. Minoru TR Mori – Secretary

Minoru TR Mori is from the Oneop, one of the remote islands in Chuuk Micronesia.  TR is avid and passionate about the utilisation of technology in rural areas.  After having witnessed the benefits of  implementing PEACESat – Hawaii in remote islands he was motivated to setup video conferences for Shriner’s Doctors in Hawaii to provide consultation for disabled kids in Chuuk.

He then founded iSolutions Micronesia a small tech company that was developed to provide support for governments, businesses, NGOs, and remote communities.  He is currently the President and Chair of Chuuk State Chamber of Commerce.  TR is living the island life on Weno Island, Chuuk Micronesia with his wife and son.

Mrs. Cherie Lagakali – Treasurer

Cherie has extensive experience in the management of applications and its integration into systems. As an example she has experience equivalent to a Database and Systems Administrator, Application Developer and has extensive knowledge of search engine optimization. Previously she started her career in the banking industry developing Internet related applications. She is currently working in the tourism industry where she spend most of her time modelling business processes and concepts.

Mr. Elvin Prasad – Communications Adviser (PICISOC – ICANN ALS Primary Contact)

Mr. Elvin Prasad works as a Senior Engineer ICT with the Ministry of Communications – Government of Fiji. He is also the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) Representative for his country. Elvin holds a Diploma in Telecommunications Management, BSc in Engineering & Computer Science, PostGraduate Diploma in Computing and Information Systems and a MSc. in Information Systems. He has been actively participating at ICANN Meetings and other Internet Governance and Diplomacy forums across the globe and sharing his experiences on Internet Governance issues and regulatory challenges. His key areas of work include Spectrum Management, Cybersecurity, Policy and Regulation, Internet Governance, etc and has worked on a number of National ICT Projects for Development in Fiji with organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and others. Mr. Prasad wishes to become an evangelist for CyberSecurity & Internet Safety and supporting Net Neutrality/Internet Openness principles.

Mr. James Kay – Research and Development Officer

James Kay is a Bsc Computer Science candidate at the University of Canterbury. He hopes to continue his academic pursuits and complete Bsc(Hons) and a Phd.

James’s interests include Cybersecurity, open access and youth representation.

James is employed as an Army signaller and volunteers his free time in St John Youth and on FLOSS projects.