These are the presentations available for download and the photos by Dan McGarry is here:

DAY 1:


Maureen Hilyard – Opening Address

Prime Minister, Lord Tu’ivakano – Opening Address

Keynote Speakers:

Keith Davidson – ISOC and PIP

Elly Tawhai – IPv4 / IPv6

Save Vocea – ICANN Oceania Engagement

Session 1: Internet Infrastructure

Tonga Cable Limited TCL

TTI Cisco Academy

Etuate Cocker – Jitter Measurement

Ano Tisam – Viviki

Session 2: Internet Governance

Grahame Hassall – eGovernment in the Pacific Islands. And “information ecology” approach

Dan McGarry – Development of Vanuatu National Policy


Session 3: Panel discussion on Domain Names:

Chaired by Andrew Rarumare – Panel Discussion

Keith Davidson – InternetNZ Principles

Save Vocea –

Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui – 2O4D, Overcoming Obstacles 4 Development

Session 4 – Cyber Security

Patrick Queet – The value proposition in a Pacific Computer Security Incident Response Team

Disiability and digital inclusion in the Pacific (Gunela Astbrink)

Session 5: Internet Research in the Pacific

Chaitanya D – Internet Governance and Information Technology to overcome key limiters to Inter-Country Expansion for small to medium enterprises (Remote presentation via Skype)

Seini O’connor – ICT in the Pacific Plan for regional cooperation and integration

DAY 3 – Pacific IGF

Convenor – Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui

Session 1: Internet Governance Principles

Facilitator – Keith Davidson (IGF 101)

Session 2: Legal Framework and Cybercrime

Facilitator – Patrick Queet with Brian Louey-Gung

Session 3: Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and Internet

Facilitator – Ellen Strickland

Panelists: Lavinia Selupe (Women/Children Rights Activist), Gunella Astbrink, Dan McGarry (Public Policy), Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui (Language Preservation)

Session 4: Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

Facilitator – Maureen Hilyard

Panelists: Anonga Tisam (Local Developers & Fibre in the Sky), Dan McGarry (ICT 4 Development), Maureen Hilyard (Telecentre in Mangaia), Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui (Island eCommerce)

Session 5: Wrap up and Bali IGF input and discussion

Panelists: Keith Davidson, Patrick Queet, Ellen Strickland, Maureen Hilyard

Convenor: Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui