Minutes of the meeting of the PICISOC Board

7 January, 2013, 0600UTC


Present: Maureen, Ellen, Emani, Etuate, Andrew

Apologies: David, Louise


Formal Motions

  • The Board agreed for Etuate to write up a formal proposal to host PacINET 2013 in Tonga, towards the end of the year. This will be presented to the Board for formal endorsement if all conditions are met. Emani to send document setting out conditions for hosting PacINET.
  • Board mailing list – team responsible is Andrew, David and Emani.


Actions from meeting


Actions By whom? By when
1 Meetings of minutes confirmed Ellen/Emani
2 Beijing preparation – keen to make contact with Sala re ICANN capacity building working group AM asap
3 ISOC Hosting funding (& Logo) – awaiting feedback from ISOC MH On-going
4 Fiji Charitable Trust Act: Is PICISOC liable for tax on donations and grants we receive? Any other audit requirements? Keith Davidson is offering support if we want to register PICISOC somewhere other than Fiji EF/Bus Plan  asap
5 PIP/PacINET: Keith Davidson keen to hold a Pacific IGF this year – associated with ICT Ministerial if there is one(?) ES When update available
6 PIP/Regional support – Don Hollander interested in development of IXPs and root server mirrors. Keen to find out who in Pacific is interested in this area of development. ES as contact
7 PICISOC website transferred with thanks to Emani and EtuateCalendar has been added to the site for Pacific and other events. Archived material to be transferred eventually. EF & EC On-going
8 Business plan development – David and Emani to confer EF & DL
9 Accommodation being sought in Fiji or the Cook islands for the Pacific Next Generation research group MH – has requested info Asap to Etuate
10 Treasurer’s Report LN Next week
11 Membership – sphere consultations – DL & AM to investigate DL & AM asap
12 SIGS – monitoring email chat list for any possible discussions with an output that could be developed by a SIG – for presentation to PacINET or other forum AM and DL ongoing
13 Bylaws – review of… ES and MH ongoing
14 Report of PacNOG workshop – to be put on website EC asap
15 PacINET 2013 – Etuate to make a formal proposal for endorsement by the Board.  I thought at one stage that Vanuatu was suggesting a bid.. but haven’t heard any more… EC asap
16 Ellen to attend WSIS +10 (Feb, Paris) to update on IGF and what has progressed 10 years after original WSIS – needs feedback ES et al asap
NEXT BOARD MEETING – 12 February 0600UTC