Minutes  of the meeting of the PICISOC Board

August 6, 2013, 0600 UTC


Present: Maureen, Ellen, Andrew, Etuate, David  (Emani, then call dropped, chat, no audio)

No apologies: : Louise


Formal motion endorsed by the Board

  • Ellen to approach PIP to see if they would open an account for us for a one-off event – PacINET2013  and to enable us to deposit donor funds for the event, and be able to access them in Tonga.

Actions from meeting


Actions By whom? When?
Send election message to AMS list (nominations close on the 19th) David Asap
Contact Matt to confirm his assistance and clarify the election procedure (Matt responded by chat after meeting) Ellen done
Meet to discuss PacINET programme and financing of PacINET procedures for Tonga and Board PacINET team EllenEtuate Thurs in Auckland
Discuss PIP’s establishment of a transition account for a one-off event to enable PacINET funds  to be deposited into an accessible account. Ellen to talk to Don and Keith tomorrow
5 Write to Louise to clarify position on Board MH asap
6 Proposed Training topics to be sent to Tonga to seek local interest for planning of training schedule (Mon & Fri for large groups; small group sessions on Tues-Thurs) Etuate Asap (topics are available)



  1. (3) Proposed PacINET programme overview
    1. Monday – Training (late arrivals of PacINET attenders on Mon flight)
    1. Tuesday – PacINET opening, and first day programme
    1. Wednesday – PacINET programme
    1. Thursday – IGF Day
    1. Friday – Training
  1. (6) PacINET Training has been offered from:
    1. APNIC – Elly in discussion with Ellen and Etuate
    1. Jay from .nz Registries Service re:how to help developing countries manage their ccTLDs.
    1. Anonga  (Cook Islands) to talk about Viviki and the Cook Islands Maori Database Project
  1.  (3) PacINET Presenters who  are confirmed as coming to PacINET
    1. Not yet official because PIP and other funding hasn’t been confirmed.
  1. (4) PacINET Donor funds: It is important that an account is set up as soon as possible so that we can deposit donor funds from ICANN (via Save) and from ISOC Event Funding (MH to apply for)
  1. (4) Board Bank Acount in NZ:  It appears that we cannot set up an NGO account in a NZ Bank unless we are registered in NZ.. Therefore…
    • The Board has tasked Ellen to request if PIP would  open an account for PacINET2013 (a one-off event) and proposes that…
    • The Board would authorise Ellen to be the Treasurer of this account on our behalf.
    • The Board would expect that any payments from this account must have an invoice and receipt, for audit purposes.
    • The account would close after the event has been wound up.
    • The Treasurer will only pay for PacINET-related accounts for which there are funds remaining in the account to pay.