Minutes of the meeting of the PICISOC Board

2 May, 2013, 0600UTC


Present: Maureen, Emani, Etuate, David, Ellen

Apologies: Louise

No Apologies: Andrew


Formal Motions endorsed by the Board

  • Members to be formally notified of PacINET  and ICANN via PICISOC  website
  • Board to encourage more regional PICISOC  groups to become ICANN ALSes
  • Letter to Board member about involvement on Board

Actions from meeting

Actions By whom? When?
1 Set up a page on the PICISOC website to introduce members to ICANN and another page on gTLDs and what they are all about. This is to encourage members to  participate in ICANN discussions about ICANN related activities, as well as to form their own national ALS Emani asap
2 Set up a page on the PICISOC website to explain logistics and other planning activities related to PacINET in Tonga 9-13 September Etuate When possible
3 Liaise with USP, SPC,  PIFs, PIRRC and ICANN – and advance discussions about the programme during PacINET week. Ellen By end of May
4 Letter to Board member MH done


Notes from meeting

  • Maureen and Emani reported on APRALO election of the Vice Chair position that is currently vacant. MH has been nominated (as well as being asked to stand for ALAC in a later election).
  • Etuate reported that everything has been confirmed by the PacINET Organising Committee on Tonga. The government has applied to SPC and PIFs for funding. They are awaiting word from the Board before they begin organising anything for the programme. Etu will set up PacINET information on the PICISOC website. The theme is “Gateway of Opportunity” . Etuate has provided the Board with an updated letter from the Government of Tonga with amended PacINET dates (9-13 Sept)
  • Ellen reported on the Ministerial meeting that was held in Samoa.  A decision is to be made by the end of the month about stakeholder involvement in both PacINET and IGF.
    • Keith Davidson seeking sponsorship.
    • ICANN (Save) possibly do a one-day outreach workshop to use Fellowships more effectively – enabling more participants to multi-event
    • Forum looking at Policy Framework Review – a meeting of government officials could be held at the same time as PacINET
    • PacINET programme could involve 1 or 2 days of IGF – high powered speakers involved
    • PICISOC would be able to hold showcasing, information and technical programme as per usual around these special events – allowing sessions for Tonga to present their own speakers.
  • Ellen also reported that USP is now the chair of CROP  (formerly Chaired by the Forum and SPC, but USP now has responsibility for ICT in the Pacific). Kisione has extended an invitation to regional groups (including PICISOC) to take part in CROP working groups. Ellen accepted on our behalf, but it means that we will be able to join other regional groups like PIRRC who were also not normally invited because they are not government agencies.  This is a breakthrough for PICISOC. Thanks to Ellen and USP.
  • One of our latest PICISOC members is Patrick Queet who is the head of PacCert. I have welcomed him and asked him to make use of the email list to inform us about what is happening in his world and to update us on any issues that our members need to know about
  • Thank you to Ellen for taking time out of her InternetNZ planning meeting to attend our session tonight and to give us such a valuable update. Thanks too to the other Board members for enabling us to have our first meeting since February. A most productive meeting.


Meeting ended 9.10pm