Minutes of the meeting of the PICISOC Board

July 2, 2013, 0600UTC


Present: Maureen, Ellen, Andrew, Emani (no audio, chat only), Etuate (late),

Apologies: David (another mtg), Louise (internet issues – attended late)


Formal Motions endorsed by the Board

  • Letter to be sent to Tongan Organising Committee – deadline date for continuation of PacINET in Tonga Friday 12 Sept, 2013.
  • Board to consider partnerships with Pacific research or other development project proposers and to offer our support as development champions in the region (assisting with funding applications, etc).

Actions from meeting

Actions By whom? When?
1 Board Elections 2013-2014 – communications with members and InternetNZ involvement Ellen asap
ICANN meeting in Durban – July 14-18 – feedback after attendance Ellen & Etuate asap
3a Treasurer’s report to be delivered online Louise asap
3b Treasurer feedback on access to funds for payment of project or PacINET expenses – as discussed in Vanuatu (use of visa card?) Louise asap
4 Global Youth Project – Geneva – feedback about PICISOC involvement Louise
5 ISIF project application – Research project to be proposed involving  PICISOC  partnership with University of Auckland (refer to Board motion) Etuate Before next round of ISIF grants
6 ISOC Community Grant – PICISOC to apply to assist national PICISOC groups to run own workshops Maureen Prepare for next round
7a ISSS application – for attendance of disabled participants and related disaster preparedness sessions; in partnership with ISOC-Au  – to be formally endorsed by Board Maureen URGENT
7b ISSS application – for attendance of Pacific panelists at the Asia-Pacific regional IGF in Soeul – in partnership with ISOC-Au – to be formally endorsed by Board Maureen URGENT
8a PacINET – letter to Tongan organising committee (TOC) (refer to Board motion) Maureen URGENT
8b PacINET -IGF  programme organised with TOC Ellen URGENT
8c PacINET – programme including local content organised with TOC Emani URGENT
8d PacINET – support communication with TOC Etuate URGENT
8e PacINET – programme onto website Emani  asap


Notes from meeting

  1. (1) Board elections 2013.  Ellen is to communicate with InternetNZ regarding Board elections which must take place before Tongan PacINET and PICISOC AGM
  1. (3) Financial issues – it is important that issues relating to payment of accounts when we are at PacINET or other events are resolved before Tonga
  1. (5) ISIF Grants – feedback from the ISIF Grant writing workshop attended by Etuate, Louise and Emani included a recommendation that PICISOC should consider applications for working in partnership with regional project proposers. Our involvement as a regional NGO would assist them to access funds, but also so that PICISOC can gain the benefits of initiating partnerships with research and project teams, but also by actively participating as a  development champion
  1. (6) ISOC Community grant – Andrew Erbs’ meetings with PICISOC members in Kiribati has highlighted the need for PICISOC to support members to be able to organise such events. We can create a form whereby they can apply for funds – it would encourage more such gatherings for PICISOC (and other potential) members within Pacific countries. We can advertise this proposal at PacINET.
  1. (7) ISSS applications – In the confusion of comings and goings during our meeting, I neglected to get formal endorsement of the ISSS applications I am preparing for participants to attend PacINET in Tonga, and for PICISOC panelists to attend the  APrIGF  in Seoul. We are supported by ISOC-Au. The funds are contestable, we may not be successful, but I am willing to at least prepare an application for each and see how they go.
  1. (8) PacINET Tonga – there was real concern raised by Etuate and other Board members about the lack of activity in Tonga regarding PacINET.  Ellen will take a lead with regards to making contact and initiating IGF activities, Emani and Etuate will assist with coordinating the PacINET and local content, and will set up a PacINET page on the PICISOC website.  It was decided that a letter was to go to the Organising Committee in Tonga to set out what is required and to establish a confirmation deadline date as to whether PacINET will be held in Tonga or not. If a transfer needs is required, Vanuatu has offered to hold it alongside their national IGF in October. We will await a response from the Tongan Organising Committee.
  1. The meeting ended at 715UTC Next meeting Tuesday, August 6, 600UTC