Minutes of the meeting of the PICISOC Board

12 February, 2013, 0600UTC


Present: Maureen, Ellen, Emani, Etuate, Louise

Apologies: David

No Apologies: Andrew


Formal Motions endorsed by the Board

  • Financial statement for PacINET to have details finalised by Louise before passing on to ISOC with formal PacINET report from the Board.
  • Proposal by Tonga to hold PacINET 2013 accepted. Final date of PacINET (TBC) after Emani has confirmed date of Ministers meeting in the Marshall Islands.
  • Joint ISOC-PISICO logo to be inserted at top left of website page
  • Postal address of PICISOC Bank account is now c/o Anju Mangal, SPC, Suva, Fiji. Anju will remain as a signatory of PICISOC’s Fiji-based Westpac Bank account
  • Ian Thompson is the second signatory of the Fiji- PICISOC bank account. Confirmation letters to be sent to Anju and Ian). Letter to be sent to the Westpac Bank, Suva, of this decision.
  • Letter of endorsement from the Board to support Etuate’s research within the Pacific region

Actions from meeting

Actions By whom? When?
1 Letter to the Westpac Bank, Suva to confirm change of signatories for the PICISOC account MH done
2 Finalise financial statement for PacINET to send to ISOC LN asap
3 Letter confirming continuation as signatory of PICISOC’s Westpac Bank Account by Anju Mangal MH done
4 Letter to be sent to Ian Thompson thanking him for his acceptance as signatory of PICISOC’s Westpac Bank Account. MH Done (in #1)
5 Westpac e-Banking form (to enable monthly statements for Board meetings) LN asap
6 Letter of endorsement for Etuate’s research to be sent to Etuate MH done