Board Meeting Minutes
Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society
26 June 2012 UTC 06.00
Board Members:
Present: Maureen Hilyard (Chair), David Leeming, Ellen Strickland, Will Tibben.
Apologies: Andrew Berquist, Siaosi Sovaleni.
Quorum present? Yes

Meeting called to order by chat at 06.19UTC
1. Items from Last Meeting/Adoption of Minutes
Minutes adopted. WT to put online.
2. Chair’s Report
Received by email prior to meeting. Discussed in items below.
3. PacINET 2012
Dates have been negotiated and arranged around GIS conference: 22-24 & 26 November, which will be a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.
Committee to organise being arranged by SS.
USP hosting confirmed. Application form for USP needs to completed by organising committee. Our hosting requirements need to be clearly fulfilled.
Potential Monday evening function to merge PacINET & GIS
4. International Engagement
Remote participation for ICANN functioning very well. SS is report back afterwards.
MH to attend Asia-Pacific IGF in Tokyo invited by Raj. Putting together an issues paper, will send to Board.
Baku: Encourage fellowship applications and potentially other funding sources. Discussed generally to encourage applications for attendance at international events.
ISOC Next Gen leaders programme link would be good. Perhaps invite to PacINET.
Potential, not confirmed, last minute opportunity to invite Pacific attendees to NetHui. Discussed potential names to pass on to InternetNZ.
SS and ES attendees ITU Pacific Broandband Forum in Nadi in July.
5. Website
WT to continue administering for now but could use assistance and support. WT to follow-up on why website down as of meeting.
DL to put a why join page on and how to manage membership
Anne Lord email about ISOC website chapter support proposal discussed. Any feedback to MH and to feedback to Anne.
WT to check domain registration with SPC and ensure continuity of ownership.
Official announcement of thank yous to Avonsys and all who have provided support and assistance with PICISOC website to go out soon.
5. AOB
Board email list: Discussion on who should be on the Board email list, as now current Board plus Raj. Board recommends that Raj continue to be on list as ISOC regional director he provides continuity for list ownership. Also strategic value to his being able to keep informed. Also: can Board email be changed so non-member can email to it? If so, AM to action.
Board has further endorsed and reminded that ES needs reimbursement for ISOC Global INET. SS to action.
Membership report: We have 571 active members that don’t bounce, rather than over 700 listed. This reflects out true email list.
Meeting closed 7.50UTC
• Next Meeting 10 July 2012 600UTC, UTC0600
Minutes submitted by Secretary, Ellen Strickland.

Action By… When?
Pacinet Committee Set-up SS asap
Pacinet application to USP SS/committee asap
Website and Domain status checked.
Thank you email for website support. WT asap
Membership page on website DL Next meeting
Reimburse ES for GlobalINET SS asap
Feedback to Anne Lord re:website MH/all asap