Board Meeting Minutes
Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society
11 September 2012 UTC 06.00

Board Members:                        
Present: Maureen Hilyard (Chair), Andrew Berquist, Ellen Strickland, Will Tibben, Andrew Molivurae, Sioasi Sovaleni. (joined 06:14)
Apologies: David Leeming.
Quorum present? Yes

Meeting called to order by chat at 06.05UTC by Skype voice call.


1.       Minutes from last meeting

Minutes discussed. Add AOB item to minutes on Internet and disabilities article which Will and Anju Mangal had published. Minutes confirmed with this change. MH to put online.  Action Items reviewed.

2.       Report from Chair

Communicated with InternetNZ on election process. Responding to PacINET requests – some organisational details to be discussed in PacINET item  Participating in the ALAC Rules of Procedure Working Group – one of the penholders – fortnightly until Toronto in Oct. PIF took up a lot of time in Rarotonga, so wasn’t able to attend APRALO meeting. Australian IGF coming up: WT might be going. Thanks to Will for setting up the special page for Les Allinson on the website.

3.       Treasurer’s report

No change in accounts. SS to reimburse ES asap, when get additional account signature. SS to get account audit after reimbursement and before Pacinet.

GIS conference sponsorship application discussed. Funding form which they need to fill out, discussed. Board discussed and agreed the form should be amended to reflect it is for SIG Event Funding applications only and to add a question asking for a component or options for a component which PICISOC can sponsor (ie lunch, dinner etc). MH to amend email form to SIG, send to Edwin. Board approved in principle, in pending changes to form and GIS submitting satisfactory form.

Moving PICISOC account to an online and international bank still needs consideration. SS suggested should be discussed at AGM.

4.       PacINET update

Programme to go to website. Draft High Level programme to go up. Top level of the detailed version. SS to send detailed most recent agenda to Board. MH to upload to website. Board to suggest panellists/speakers.

MH to write invitations to keynote speakers on PICISOC letterhead, SS to send list and content of letters to MH.

Logistics information sheet. SS to provide for website.

Registration form needs to go on the website.MH can receive applications. Organising committee to discuss on email.

Technical programme:  SS and AM to coordinate

SS to talk to Elly about possible topics, go to members and also ask USP about technical training/programme options they could provide. AM offered to help with programme.

AGM: Timeslot for AGM discussed. Board agreed on Friday afternoon

Funding: Need updated PICISOC account statement before deciding on fellowships/funding for PacINET. Could use some residual savings for this. SS to supply account balances and Board to discuss at next meeting.

PIP Fellowships: is PIP offering these again? PIP have offered to bring over Diplo Foundation trainer/s. Board discussed that fellowships are very important to getting speakers to attend. ES to talk to PIP

Google: ES to talk to contact from Google about potential high-level IG training and prep for WCIT. Idea of Wednesday for such a pre-workshop discussed with Board. ES to talk to Google and get back to Board.

Budget: SS to do draft budget for MH. MH to look into special ISOC 20th anniversary event funding.

5.       Election of Board officers before PacINET

Nominations to be opened by MH: Open October 1 and close October 22.

Start date of elections: Ballot open October 29, End November 9

AB, ES, SS and WT terms are up this year. Some board members are not standing again, to be confirmed. MH to liaise with INZ for election process.

7.       AOB

Website update: reminder to all needs to be updated regularly, can support each other with content management.

Meeting closed 07.37

· Next Meeting date TBC for 9 October Minutes submitted by Secretary, Ellen Strickland.


Action By… When?
Updating of minutes from August 2012 online MH (done) At close of meeting
GIS Conference Funding: Update form and send to Edwin MH (done) Asap
Reimbursement for ES for GlobalINET SS Asap
Brief report to membership on Fiji meetings ES & SS Asap- overdue
PacINet programme to Board and high level online SS, MH (has uploaded high level prog online) Detailed programme asap
Pacinet Programme: Suggest speakers list. Organising Committee & Board Asap
Pacinet official invitees list and draft letter to MH SS asap
PICISOC Letterhead invites, as supplied by SS MH (waiting for info ) asap
Pacinet: Technical programme needed SS/AM? Next Board meeting
USP venue application MH (waiting for more confirmed info) When programme confirmed
PIP fellowships or other sponsorship ES (done) Before next mtg
Funding application to ISOC & special 20th anniversary event funding MH (waiting for more confirmed info) When programme confirmed
Pacinet 2012 Budget drafted SS Asap
PICISOC account audit for 2012 SS By PACINET
PICISOC account to be moved online MH To be discussed at AGM
Board elections – membership email list for INZ DL asap
Board elections –  continue liaison with INZ MH Ongoing until end of elections
Board elections: Update to members, call for nominations and manage nominations MH (putting nominations online as received) Ongoing until Oct 22