Board Meeting Minutes

Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society

14 August 2012 UTC 06.00

Board Members:

Present: Maureen Hilyard (Chair), Andrew Berquist, Ellen Strickland, Will Tibben, Andrew Molivurae (joined 06:42)

Apologies: David Leeming

Quorum present? Yes


Meeting called to order by chat at 06.10UTC by Skype Chat due to limited connectivity.


1.       Minutes from last meeting

Corrections to minutes discussed and made. Minutes confirmed.

2.       Report from Chair

Attended the Asia Pacific Regional IGF in Tokyo and participated in two panel discussions presenting the Pacific viewpoint alongside those of Asian countries about Internet Governance issues and the Pacific  IGFs. Daily reports were provided.

Will, Maureen and Andrew M have attended APRALO (Regional At Large group of ICANN) online meetings.

MH reported on being a member of two ICANN working groups. One as secretary for the group that is looking at Rules of Procedure for ALAC; and the Metrics working group which is looking at the participation level of elected members on ALAC committees.  These meetings are online.

3.       Treasurer’s report

SS not present. MH to follow-up with SS about reimbursements. Also audit needed before Pacinet.

4.       PacINET update

2012: update from SS needed, to be followed up on email.

2011: Repayment from American Samoa discussed.AB to ask SS for help with power authority payment still not received.

5.       Election of Board officers before PacINET

AB, ES, SS and WT terms are up this year. Some board members are not standing again, to be confirmed.

MH to email regarding election process.

6.       Report from ITU and Pacific Broadband conference in Fiji

SS and ES attended the recent ITU meetings and the Broadband Forum in Fiji- they will submit short report on event to put on website.

7.       AOB

Minutes procedure clarified: Members get an updated summary of the contents of the meeting, but the minutes should be confirmed first before going online.

A group in Fiji led by Anju Mangal, (Rakesh Chand, Sisi Coalala, Lanieta Tuimabu, Ruci from United Blind Persons of Fiji (UBP)) plus PICISOC Board member Will Tibben of Australia, wrote a short blog piece for the the Commonwealth IGF about understanding the Internet and its capabilities for Pacific Islanders who have low vision or are blind.


Meeting closed 07.01UTC

· Next Meeting date TBC for September  Minutes submitted by Secretary, Ellen Strickland.





Pacinet Committee Set-up



Pacinet application to USP



Reimburse ES for GlobalINET



Brief report to membership on   Fiji meetings



Email SS re: account audit and   reimbursement



Updating of minutes from July 2012 online


At close of meeting